Investing in people and building a productive team is one of the most critical initiatives an organization can undertake and will impact both short-term solutions and long-term company growth. The team’s performance will significantly define your culture and impact bottom line profitability.


We are specialists: If you require a new team member with special knowledge, skills and experience, then you can benefit from our specialization. We have a 30+ year track record of finding top talent that is special as related to your unique need in the fields of real estate, construction and related disciplines.

We have access: We have connections, relationships and access to both on and off-market candidates. Our credibility garners trusted information and strong relationships with professionals at all position levels as well as industry-leading companies.

We move quickly: Our specialization and focused process allows us to quickly identify qualified candidates that are a fit with your unique requirements. Every day that a position remains unfilled, current employees are stretched, efficiency declines and goals are not met. Profit opportunities and competitive advantages are lost.

We get personal: We utilize technology for efficiency’s sake, but never forego personal interaction to gain a perspective of the individual candidate beyond job qualifications. That same personal interaction is utilized with our clients to act as a sounding board to discuss resumes, provide interview feedback and address compensation issues and questions. Throughout the process we are completely focused on your talent needs and your team building goals.

We keep it quiet: We understand that advertising an open position can raise questions and anxiety among your current employees. Some may wonder why they aren’t being considered for the position or worry about transition challenges. Advertising can also alert competitors to a current weakness or void in an organization. When you feel confidentiality is required, Teambuilder Partners can execute a discreet search and mitigate these concerns.

We are cost-effective: The cost of utilizing our recruiting services is comparable to an in-house search. Ask yourself: What is the true ROI on your recruitment initiatives? Your ROI is impacted by identifiable costs…payroll, advertising, recruiting outreach, screening candidates…plus those that are not so obvious, such as: lack of repeat business due to poor performance; cost overruns on projects not well managed; lost time and efficiency when the domino effect is triggered by bad decisions; manager’s time in reacting to problems…and many more.

Why hire the best of those job seekers that may apply when you can review our candidates for free. If we refer a candidate that is truly superior and you make the wise decision to hire that person, then our fee is fully justified and your ROI will be realized.

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