Will you ever climb Mount Everest? Probably not, but finding and hiring top talent can seem like climbing a figurative Mt. Hire…very challenging.


A successful mountain climbing team must have supporting partners as key members of the expedition and a trusted guide to help select the right route to the top. Our recruiting guides have a wealth of industry insight, a deep pool of relationships and a track record of climbing Mt. Hire hundreds of times. Teambuilder Partners will guide your hiring expedition to secure the top talent you need.


Having a skilled team for a mountain climbing expedition can be the difference between success or failure…even life or death. For your business, the outcome can be equally fatal if you don’t have the right team. Acting as the Consultant Partner, we align the Company Partner’s need for top talent with Candidate Partners that possess that talent. We focus on matching the Candidate Partner’s ability to actually perform the required role, ensuring a match enabling both parties to achieve their long-term goal . As your trusted Consultant Partner, we will help you build a team that can reach the pinnacle of business success.


Mountain climbing is an expensive venture and no expedition wants to fail. Hiring the wrong team member is expensive if that person fails to perform. The failed performance will impact the entire organization long after that person has fallen off the cliff of failure.

How do we find top talent that can and will perform?

  • We have the ability to find and establish rapport with individuals who are not actively seeking a new job. You won’t find their resume on any job board.
  • We have established relationships with Teambuilder Candidate Partners who have said: “Please call me when you represent an opportunity that will advance my career.”
  • Before starting any search, we make sure we have a thorough understanding of your company mission, culture and your definition of the best “fit” with your team.
  • We need to know what the new team member must do in order to satisfactorily execute the assigned role, the critical success factors and how performance will be measured.
  • Our specialization in real estate, construction and related fields gives us an intuitive understanding of which candidates will succeed in your unique role.
  • We match your needs with the Candidate Partner’s knowledge, skills, experience, motivations, career goals and proven record of achievements and performance.

We are experts at recruiting top talent.​​


There is no single best recruiting partnership that works for all talent seeking companies. We offer three partnering options to fit your hiring needs, priorities, and budget. Regardless of which option you choose, our goal is to forge a long-term partnership by delivering results that represent value and meet your ROI expectations.

Call to discuss your hiring needs… 503-420-6654.

We will quote a fee based on the resources required to deliver the results you expect. Following are the options:

Teambuilder Hire Partnership:

Cost-effective, no-risk, non-exclusive contingency. Continue using any recruiting resource you choose. Compare the top talent we refer with the job seekers from other sources. Pay nothing unless you hire one of our Candidate Partners. In that event, the fee is a percentage of the first year’s annual salary plus any guaranteed bonus. We require a search/fee agreement to launch the search.

Priority Partnership Retingency Search:

We recommend this partnership when the hiring need is urgent and you want to work with one recruiting firm whose resources are focused on your search. Although we are granted the privilege of being the only search firm working on your assignment, you may continue to use any other resource you choose. A search/fee agreement and partial payment of the fee is required to launch the search. If you don’t hire one of our Candidate Partners, no additional payment is required.

Premium Partnership Retained Search:

This is a fully retained, executive level search and should only be used for high-priority, confidential searches for Director, VP or C-suite positions.

Acting as the retained Consultant Partner, we dedicate unlimited time and resources towards completing a retained search assignment. A search/fee agreement and partial payment of the fee is required to launch the search. Full payment of the fee is required when you hire our Candidate Partner or if, for any reason, you terminate the search.