Will you ever climb Mount Everest? Probably not, but finding the right job to grow your career can seem like climbing a figurative Mt. Career…very challenging.


Climbing to the top of Mount Everest is a daunting challenge. Those who succeed always have a trusted guide to lead the way. You may succeed in climbing figurative Mt. Career alone, but your chances for success will be greatly improved with a trusted guide. Teambuilder Partners has guided expeditions up Mt. Career hundreds of times and we can guide you to the pinnacle of your career.


If you are currently employed, but want to explore career opportunities, do not post your resume on the Internet (job boards and social media). If you do, the consequences could be like falling in a crevasse on your way up Mt. Career.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed to the degree that we can control it; however, you are the person with the greatest control. From our experience, we strongly recommend the following:

Do not post your resume on the Internet (job boards and social media). Send it directly to us and become a Teambuilder Candidate Partner. We will never release your resume, or any information about you, without your written authorization.

Before giving anyone your resume, insist that you must authorize its release and to whom. Without control, bad things can happen…like being caught in an avalanche. .

Keep a detailed record of who has your resume.

Like you, many of our Company Partners require confidentiality in their search for a new team member so they retain us to do it for them. Partner with us so we can provide access to those jobs.


Honesty – You may not like what we say, but it will always be our honest judgement as to why a position is or isn’t the right fit for you. That judgement is based on extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the Company Partner’s unique requirements and company culture. When the right fit happens, we will help you maximize your chances of getting the job that will start your climb to the top of Mt. Career.

Transition Support – Great…you’ve received an offer! We can provide guidance in negotiating the best package of salary and benefits. When the deal is done and it’s time to resign your current position, we can help navigate that process to ensure a positive transition. Lastly, never resign your current position until the new position is secured and every detail finalized in writing.

No Cost Guidance – Our Company Partners compensate us. We never require any payment for our services from the Candidate Partner. We welcome the opportunity to be your trusted guide in climbing your Mt. Career.


Whatever the reason, if your current job is ending, you need exposure. But, it needs to be targeted exposure to match your talents and career goals with a true career building opportunity, not just another job. Our Company Partner retains us and we must serve their interests; however, producing a positive outcome for them requires a successful match with your unique talents and expertise. We cannot serve our Company Partner unless we also serve you, our Candidate Partner. No one is served by an imperfect match. Become a Teambuilder Candidate Partner and we will be with you every step of the way to the top of your Mt. Career.