Our mission is to affect a mutually rewarding and profitable outcome for our Company Partner, our Candidate Partner and us, the search Consultant Partner.


Teambuilder Partners is a full-service search firm, experienced and equipped to handle all aspects of the search and placement process at any level. Since 1980***, we have focused on building relationships with our Company Partners and Candidate Partners and earning the honor of being their Trusted Partner. The goal of every search we conduct is to find the optimum match between company and candidate resulting in the satisfaction of each party’s needs and aspirations.
***From 1980 through 2010 DBA Delta Crown Executive Search

Investing in people and building a team is one of the most critical initiatives an organization can undertake and will affect both short-term solutions and long-term company growth. The team’s performance will significantly define the culture and impact bottom-line profitability. As a key team contributor, the Candidate Partner will achieve career challenge, growth and satisfaction.


We produce results for our Company Partners and our Candidate Partners alike because we specialize in a domain that aligns with our extensive knowledge and experience in real estate, construction and related fields. Our Company Partners are, in general, any entity that acquires, owns, designs, builds, operates/manages and/or develops real estate assets. Our Candidate Partners are individuals that have demonstrated expertise in these fields. We have hands-on experience and can relate to and focus on any job function required to make those types of operations successful.

Our most important goal is to ensure our Partner’s complete satisfaction.


Frank Willett, our CEO/Chief Recruiting Officer, is the founder/owner of Teambuilder Partners LLC. He was also the founder/owner of our predecessor company, Delta Crown Executive Search from 1980 through 2010. He previously served as CEO in two successful corporations.

Frank is a graduate of the University of California – Berkeley School of Engineering with a major in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

Frank created Teambuilder Partners LLC on a foundation of IE/OR principles that ensure maximum efficiency, effectiveness and cost controls throughout our operations. That simply means that we can achieve our desired ROI while charging fees that are generally 50% lower than recruiting industry norms. But, cheaper isn’t necessarily better and it’s performance that counts. Right?

It’s easy to charge a low fee if all you do is grab a resume off of a job board, match it with a job description and email it. Here’s the Teambuilder difference: We refer top talent candidates we have sourced and motivated to consider your specific career opportunity. We have thoroughly vetted them and, based on their previous performance record, know they can perform your job. The person that becomes a Teambuilder Candidate Partner is seeking challenge and career growth, not just more money. It’s very likely they weren’t looking for a new career opportunity until we contacted them. Top talent responds to personal contact.

Test our performance is by initiating a Teambuilder Hire no-cost, no-risk, non-exclusive contingency search partnership. You will pay nothing unless and until you actually hire a top talent we refer. When that occurs, the fee is only 10%.